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Philosophical and spiritual narratives—fiction and nonfiction—have a special place in people’s hearts. The ability to articulate deeply held beliefs, without restraint, is cathartic for most authors. It is surprising how many have epiphanies, due to either personal evolution or transformative events that engender new perspectives on their purpose and the meaning of existence.


Since time immemorial, people have derived inspiration from their respective faiths and individual impressions about how the world works and why we are here.  At GMG Ghostwriting Services, we honor all well-intentioned, sincerely held perspectives that promote the collective good, have intellectual, literary, conceptual, and/or artistic value, and do not tend to defame any individual or group.


When you hire a ghostwriter, you will find a nonjudgmental ally in the art of self-expression. As a conduit through which your ideas flow, the ghostwriter ensures that your ideas and purpose take shape as you envision them to be, magically coming to life in the written word—right before your eyes. You need not worry about what your ghost thinks, feels, or whether or not she shares your perspective. The most significant element in the process is the ability to dialogue with your writing collaborator, with a view to producing a text that reflects your predilections. You are the author, the master of your creative manifest destiny!

The essence of ghostwriting is egolessness—the practice of surrendering personal ideologies for the sake of elucidating another’s. The task involves listening, understanding, respecting, and nurturing the development and expansion of ideas. 

Take the journey towards self-actualization through the written word, and find new vistas of meaning and expression.

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Gabriella Gafni is an award-winning ghostwriter and author. She has written and published countless texts for individuals worldwide in all genres and specializes in philosophical and spiritual writings.

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“Gabriella is the best in her field. She takes time to listen and understand different concepts, and the finished product is outstanding. I will hire her again and again.”


L. Simon

“Before I spoke with Gabriella, I had never worked with a ghostwriter. I was concerned about the process, and I didn’t know what to expect. Immediately, from our first conversation and throughout our time working together, Gabriella put me at ease. Her follow-through is excellent, her talent is effortless, and she never disappoints. I hope to work with her again in the future.”


Ray Smith

“Gabriella is truly a joy to work with. She cares about her authors and treats them with respect and warmth. I have never experienced a service provider who takes such a deep interest in her clients and genuinely aims to please. Thank you, Gabriella, for a wonderful experience.”


Anaya Compton

“Gabriella is a gifted writer, and she makes the daunting process of writing a book seem easy. Usually, it takes years to write a book, but in my case, it took just a few months. I’m so happy with the result, and I am thinking about writing a second book.”


Ida Walker

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